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8Cell has been providing Java development services for 11 years to help our clients with the building of enterprise Java-based applications, websites, and innovative software. Thanks to our wide knowledge, top-notch approaches, and more than 100 developed products, we can build all-in-one solutions that will help your business grow and become more successful. We have 99+ talented Java developers with extensive portfolios to provide you with the development of well-optimized, holistic and real-world practical solutions from the ground up

Java Development Company

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    Why Custom Java Software Services

    Why Custom Java Software Services

    Our Java Development Scope

    At 8Cell, we improve our skills to guarantee you a way to get efficient and working solutions for your business.

    Custom Java Solutions

    Custom Java Solutions

    Depending on the requirements of our clients, we can build scalable solutions for any business niche. From setting a goal to the release of the product, we guarantee that our cooperative solution and top-notch approaches will bring you success.

    Java Mobile Applications

    Java Mobile Applications

    Development of mobile applications in Java/J2EE is included in the list of our services for creating fast, reliable, and convenient solutions for Android, Windows and iOS.

    Enterprise Development Solutions

    Enterprise Development Solutions

    Thanks to our 11 years of experience, we have the skills and essential knowledge that help us develop extremely complex projects to meet your business requirements.

    Legacy System Migration

    Legacy System Migration

    We can modernize old solutions with Java, create new features, and migrate the application from an on-premises server to the cloud, which will help improve the performance and competitiveness of your organization.

    Java QA Testing

    Java QA Testing

    We can provide our clients with quality assurance testing to verify execution results, check for smooth performance, as well as create automatic scripts to review apps based on test cases written by QA manuals.

    Java Development Consulting

    Java Development Consulting

    If our clients need advice on Java development, we can always help. Write to us for a consultation, tell us about your idea, and our designers, Java developers, and engineers will contribute to the development of your product.

    Discuss Your Project with Our Specialists

    If you are looking for long-term cooperation, you can choose 8Cell. Let's discuss how we can transform your business and find the best solutions to satisfy your needs

    Java Development Cycle

    To develop web apps or other enterprise solutions, we offer our clients a full Java development cycle.



    The comprehensive analysis of customer requirements helps to determine the key goals and objectives of the final product. We analyze our capabilities, study your business competitors, and determine the scope and budget of the project.



    Then we are ready to breathe life into your ideas and show what the project will look like. Our brainstorming solutions allow us to create an eye-catching design that will attract the attention of many.


    QA Testing

    Quality assurance testing allows us to simulate situations in which the product does not perform well. This stage of the Java development cycle takes approximately 30% of the time. It is important to identify critical bugs, check the functionality of the product, conduct a full analysis and implement recommendations for improvement.



    At the planning stage, we create a document with a complete description of the tasks assigned to us and characterize the ultimate goal of the project. Documenting key processes helps us bring all the ideas together and capture every detail.


    Project Development

    At this stage, we use all the power of our Java developers. With the help of Java technologies, we can bring any idea to life and let the elements be interactive. We use frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Apache Struts, Play, and many others so that our programmers can add code to solve specific problems.


    After-Release Support

    After the key development stages, the product needs further technical support. 8Cell offers temporary or permanent support to reduce the risk of failures and create updates to improve the performance of the product.

    Java Development Solutions We Master

    To provide top-notch development services, we have mastered the most popular solutions that will help your business expand.

    Tailored Java Development

    Tailored Java Development

    The team of our Java developers can develop complex and large-scale projects and implement non-standard solutions. Our team of advanced IT professionals can create all-in-one solutions that adapt to a changing environment, as well as web apps and websites using modern methodologies and cutting-edge technologies.

    Java Web Development

    Java Web Development

    No business can function without a website. The opportunities of Java website development allow us to create dynamic web pages that cover your requirements. Good optimization and smooth operation of the website will attract new clients to your business and provide a pleasant user experience.

    Mobile App Development

    Mobile App Development

    Being one of the most widespread programming languages for Android, Java is a great way to expand your business with a fast, reliable, and well-optimized mobile app. If you have an idea for the development of a mobile app in Java, you can share it with us and we will find the best solution. With our top-notch approaches, we can meet such requirements as PCI, HIPAA, SOC, and many others.

    Cloud Applications Development

    Cloud Applications Development

    Cloud Java development will be useful for your business if you want to create hybrid applications, expand your on-premises IT environment in the cloud, and reduce capital and operating costs. Our cloud app development teams use the best DevOps practices to ensure our professional approaches can cover the needs of your business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I choose Java development?

    If you want to create a mobile application on Android, then Java development services will be your best solution. In addition, Java is suitable for creating websites and web applications. If you need to create a fast, reliable and efficient project to meet the needs of your business, choose 8Cell for Java Development. By the way, there are many more advantages of Java development:

    • Advanced development tools. With the best Java technologies and frameworks, we can create state-of-the-art apps and websites. Java tools allow you to get a quick time to market and start your business or improve its performance faster;
    • Object-oriented programming language. Every programmer who has ever tried to write programs in other programming languages would be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to solve the most difficult tasks in Java;
    • Reliability. The Java compiler detects errors that in other languages are only detected at runtime. Moreover, many developers claim that Java has no complications. The Java programmer is completely protected because he will never make memory allocation errors and he will not have to look for the causes of memory leaks.
    What can Java be used for?

    Primarily, Java can be used for web development services, but you also can build complex web applications and create cross-platform mobile solutions that run smoothly on the most popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. What’s more, Java is the most widespread programming language for Android mobile apps.

    Is Java still relevant technology?

    There is no reason to doubt the need to develop solutions with Java because it is not old-fashioned. This technology is still trending and suitable for web, web app, and mobile app development cycles. Here are some of the main advantages of Java:

    • Firstly, Java’s frameworks are robust, portable and scalable, so it allows us to build top-notch solutions that meet clients’ requirements;
    • Secondly, Java is an object-oriented programming language that allows us to create modular programs and the source code can be reused;
    • Thirdly, Java boasts real ease of use. Java has been designed with a lot of emphasis on simplicity, so Java is easier to write, compile, debug, and learn. This is an essential advantage for our clients because they can save time and get a quick time to market.
    How much does Java development cost?

    It is impossible to estimate the exact cost of Java project development because we do not know all the details of your project. The price of development depends on such factors as the scale of the project, budget, number of specialists, complexity, and technology. However, the price is far from being a key factor when choosing a Java development company. You should choose a development studio that specializes in high-quality Java development services.

    Can Java be used for software development?

    Of course, Java is one of those programming languages that is old but reliable and a timeless classic. As the official language for Android applications and universal for creating websites or web applications, Java is your way to meet all your business needs and make this solution really effective. With Java, you can build all-in-one solutions for big data, mobile development, IoT development, and many more.

    How many Java developers can I hire at 8Cell?

    Depending on the total complexity of the project and its scale, you can hire any number of specialists. With 8Cell, you can get a team of Java developers, or you can hire one specialist to help develop your project. Tell us about your business as more as possible and we will find the best solution to cover your needs.