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Are you still looking for a reliable iOS development company to build your app from scratch and bring your ideas to life? 8Cell is a top-ranking development company with a huge variety of services that deliver great results. More than 11 years of successful development of mobile apps for various platforms, including iOS, 100+ developed projects and 96% of clients’ satisfaction indicate our wide expertise and closeness to ideal. Let’s make your business grow with our mind-blowing solutions!

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iOS App Development Company

Use Our Vast Experience For Effective iOS App Development

Use Our Vast Experience For Effective iOS App Development

Our iOS App Development Scope

With our extensive knowledge and outstanding skills, we can create anything to meet the requirements of our clients.

Custom iOS App Development

Custom iOS App Development

Our diverse portfolio and experience in creating mobile apps for different niches give us the ability to create unique iOS apps that stand out from the crowd and attract hundreds of customers every day.

 Native iOS Development

Native iOS Development

Our team of talented developers are capable of developing native iOS applications with high speed and performance, as well as with an attractive interface. The development of native iOS applications allows us to use all the features of Swift or Objective-C to create unique products.

Cross-Platform iOS Development

Cross-Platform iOS Development

8Cell is a team of dedicated specialists who can create a cross-platform mobile application for both iOS and Android with high user reach and smooth performance to help your business grow faster.

UI/UX App Design

UI/UX App Design

The mobile app UI/UX design has a strong impact on user experience. Our mind-blowing skills and top-notch approaches allow us to create an eye-catching and user-friendly interface that will ensure smooth interaction and convenient use of the product.

Enterprise iOS App

Enterprise iOS App

Our development team takes into account all the specifics of the business when developing enterprise solutions for iOS mobile applications.

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

After its launch, we offer post-release support services for your iOS mobile application to keep the project relevant and well-optimized.

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Drop our specialists a line to find out the cost of developing a native or cross-platform iOS app.

Our iOS App Development Process

8Cell’s team is ready to guide you through full-cycle iOS app development or help with some of the stages.


Market Research

To create a unique and effective product, we need to study the client's business, competitors, weaknesses and strengths and get to know the client's requirements in more detail.



The planning stage allows us to determine the scope of the project, the time and cost of development, hire the right specialists, and set timelines. We create technical requirements with a detailed description of what a client wants to see in the iOS app.


UI/UX Design

We create unique style applications with outstanding logos, infographics, animations, icons, buttons and so on. The harmonious colour palette, easy navigation, thoughtful interactions and clear structure allow us to create an attractive interface for the iOS application.



At this stage, we breathe life into the client's ideas and make the design real using Objective-C and Swift programming languages. Our services include the development of the front-end for programming logic and coding and the back-end for creating the database, admin panel, and other technical components.


QA Testing

Our software testers check the stability of the mobile application and compatibility with previously approved versions of the iOS, as well as check for bugs.


Release & Support

8Cell is a full-cycle application development company. We can not only create a product, but also maintain it to achieve smooth performance and deliver great results.

Technologies We Use

The iOS app development requires comprehensive knowledge and top-notch skills to deliver the best results.



Swift is the main development language in the Apple ecosystem that has become a replacement for the Objective-C language. Such technologies as Swift for iOS help implement the development of native-to-the-operating system applications.



To help iOS applications work quite quickly, we use Objective-C. It is a classic, reliable and powerful language that is optimal for complex and easy to develop projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about iOS app development with 8Cell.

Are 8Cell iOS development outsourcing services expensive?

The issue of price plays an extremely important role because the scale of the project and the client’s capabilities depend on the budget. The cost of developing any application on iOS depends on the wishes of the client. The more complex and voluminous the technical part and the more interesting the interface design, the more expensive the services. You can create a simple application with a minimum of features or outsource the development of enterprise solutions. In addition, you need to consider the niche of the client’s business to determine the theme of the site and its scale.

Who needs to develop an application on IOS?

Today, iOS app development is of great importance and as many business niches as possible are joining mobile versions. Almost every business needs mobile applications, and we have provided examples of using our outsourcing iOS development services below.

  • Large enterprises. iOS development helps to systematize the work of all structures within the company and branches, automate interaction with customers and quickly receive feedback, as well as analyze employee performance and eliminate costs;


  • Startups. A mobile application will help you quickly attract the target audience and get the first profit, make your project stand out from the crowd, become better than competitors, use modern technologies and present your product to many people;

Online shops. The mobile application will attract new customers and increase the number of repeat sales, make shopping more user-friendly, allow you to set up push notifications for users and create an effective loyalty system. The application can be integrated with CRM, enterprise management and accounting systems;

Can I monitor the iOS app development process?

Effective communication between the client and the development team helps better understand the business’s needs and create the right project. If you want to monitor the development process of your app, you can always contact our developers and look at mockups and prototypes at any stage of development. You can make adjustments and choose the best ways to develop your iOS application.

What is the cost for custom iOS development?

Application development is always a complex process that requires analysis, planning, design, development, testing and post-release support. Depending on the complexity and scale of product development, the price may be higher or lower. In addition, the cost of developing an application is also affected by time, the number of developers, technology, features and more. To find out the exact cost of developing an application for iOS, you need to contact our managers, who can study your business and its needs.