About 8Cell

At 8Cell, we try our best to meet the requirements of your business and cover your needs to the fullest. Let’s create an innovative solution that will skyrocket your business. Achieve the highest results with minimum effort.

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About 8Cell

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Main Values

As one of the top software development companies, we have fundamental values and principles.


Quick Time-to-Market

By creating powerful strategies, we can guarantee a quick time-to-market for your product. You will be able to quickly present your product, attract the attention of users and find a target audience.


Agile Development Methodology

Our cross-functional development teams are capable of self-organization and provide an agile product development methodology. In this way, we can involve the client in every stage of project development and obtain a high level of trust between the client and the team, providing more opportunities to understand the final product.



Whatever you need, we can create out-of-the-box projects using the latest technologies and best approaches, regardless of the complexity. We are ready to create products for startups, middle-scale and large-scale businesses.


Rich Knowledge

Considering 11 years of experience, we are well-versed in cutting-edge technologies, such as Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, React Native, Xamarin, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C and many more. We strive to adapt to the needs of your business and deliver great results.

Let’s Breathe Life in Your Ideas Together

Can’t find a reliable software development company to cooperate with? Our experts are always ready to discuss your ideas and implement them in real life.

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Our Mission

What Makes Us Stand Out of The Crowd

You can check the list of key reasons to choose 8Cell to make sure it is vivid.

11+ Years of Experience

8Cell is one of the leading software development companies with 11 years of extensive experience. As a result, we have on-demand developers that are well-versed in cutting-edge technologies, agile methodology, and adapting to custom business needs.

Highly Valued Developers

We have true professionals with in-depth expertise in developing unique projects from scratch. Each of our developers is certified in every major technology to adapt to your business needs. Whatever you need for your business, we will do our best to skyrocket it.

Diverse Portfolio

Regardless of the complexity of your idea, we have specialists to fully meet your business requirements. It is all thanks to our wide experience in creating projects for various purposes and business niches. Our portfolio of 100+ projects is vivid, which ensures we will deliver great results.

Effective Communication

We strive to always keep in touch with our clients for a smooth development process. Our advanced developers will report about all the stages of development to get feedback and ensure trust between the development team and the client.