MVP Development

MVP Development, or the creation of a Minimum Viable Product, is a key stage in the development of innovative solutions that allows companies to quickly implement and test their ideas on the market with minimal costs.

8Cell is a recognized leader in the field of MVP Development Services, and we are proud to create excellent products, helping clients from various industries to carry out effective startup development and achieve success in the field of cryptocurrency exchanges and other fields.

MVP Development

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    Work process

    Work process

    Our services

    8Cell specializes in MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development, creating efficient and market-ready solutions. We go beyond meeting technical requirements, ensuring our MVPs serve as effective tools for market testing and user acquisition. Our expertise extends to providing ongoing technical support for the seamless operation of cryptocurrency exchanges.

    MVP product development

    We create Minimum Viable Products that not only meet technical requirements, but also become an effective tool for market testing and user acquisition.

    Technical Support

    Our team provides reliable and ongoing technical support to ensure the smooth operation of cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Consulting and MVP construction

    We help clients define strategy, advise on MVP development and build effective solutions.

    Hybrid Application Development

    8Cell has expertise in developing hybrid applications that combine the benefits of web and mobile platforms.

    AI Solutions for MVP

    Our company uses artificial intelligence to create innovative and highly efficient products.

    NLP and computer vision MVP development

    8Cell builds products that use NLP and computer vision to optimize.

    MVP Development Life Cycle

    We specialize in a wide range of technical stacks in the field of MVP Development Services. Our expertise covers


    Discovery phase

    Starting with the discovery phase, we lay the foundation for a successful project. Our team studies and analyzes the client's needs, defines goals and sets strategic objectives. This stage contributes to a deep understanding of the project and allows us to create an effective action plan for the further development of the MVP. We interact with the client to ensure maximum agreement and take into account all the features of the project.


    Frontend and Backend development

    In the second phase of development, we focus on the frontend and backend to create a full-fledged MVP. Our developers masterfully implement functionality that meets the client's needs and guarantees high-quality interaction with the user. Frontend and backend are integrated to create a product that is not only impressive in design, but also has powerful functionality.



    The design stage at 8Cell is not just about creating an attractive interface, but also considering all aspects of the user experience. Our designers work on aesthetics, ergonomics and interaction to create a product that is not only beautiful, but also functional.


    Testing and Quality Assurance

    Our commitment to quality begins with comprehensive testing, where we meticulously examine every aspect of the MVP. The process includes user acceptance testing (UAT), involving users to validate the MVP against real-world scenarios. We go beyond mere bug identification, evaluating performance against predefined criteria. Iterative improvements are a key part of this phase, as we continually refine the MVP based on testing feedback to ensure unparalleled quality.


    Deployment and Feedback

    A seamless deployment is our hallmark, ensuring a smooth transition from development to launch. Post-deployment, we actively seek user and stakeholder feedback to gain insights into the MVP's real-world performance. This feedback loop is invaluable, guiding us in iterative refinements and enhancements. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that the MVP is a dynamic product, evolving based on user experience and feedback.


    Post-Launch Support and Iteration

    Our commitment extends beyond the launch, as we offer post-launch support to address any issues that may arise. Additionally, we collaborate with clients to gather user feedback and insights, facilitating continuous improvement. Iterative updates and enhancements are implemented to adapt to changing needs and ensure the long-term success of the MVP.

    Frequently asked questions

    What technologies do you use in development?

     We work with a modern technical stack that includes technologies such as Unity3D, Cocos & AR/VR Frameworks;, ICO, Smart Contracts, DApps, DeFI; Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, Javascript, PixiJS.

    How long does it usually take to develop an MVP product?

    Typically, the MVP development process takes 2 to 3 months, but the exact timeframe may vary depending on specific requirements and scope of work.

    How do you ensure communication during development?

    Our team actively interacts with the client using various communication channels to understand all the details and requirements of the project. We provide regular reports and answer any questions.