Software Development

Software development is an essential tool in today’s digital world, where high efficiency and innovation are becoming key success factors. As a highly skilled software development company, 8Cell stands out for its ability to create customized solutions that meet specific customer needs. Our expertise in development and technology acceleration enables us to provide customers with high-quality, reliable and innovative software.



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    Our services

    Software development

    We offer the creation of customized software products, taking into account the requirements and goals of the client.

    Technical support

    We provide continuous technical support for cryptocurrency exchanges of any size, ensuring their smooth operation.

    Digital product development

    We specialize in the development of digital products that accelerate business development and transformation.


    Our experienced development team is ready to take on challenges of any complexity and stage of development.

    Technology development and acceleration

    We study and implement advanced technologies to ensure high efficiency and competitiveness of the developed products.

    Nearline software development

    We provide nearline development services for more efficient collaboration and reduced interaction time.

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    Development life cycle


    Discovery phase

    To start a successful project, it is important to conduct a discovery phase, where we work with the client to study and define their business goals and requirements. At this stage, we analyze the competitive environment, identify user needs, and formulate a strategic plan. The technical stack for the project is selected taking into account its specifics and tasks.


    Development, Design, Frontend, and Backend

    After the discovery phase is completed, the development, design, and technical stack selection phase begins. Our designers create an interface that meets the requirements of users, and developers start working on the frontend and backend. We actively use technologies such as React and Angular for the frontend, and Node.js and Django for the backend. The technical stack may also include databases such as MongoDB or PostgreSQL.


    Testing and Optimization

    At the final stage, we pay special attention to testing and optimization of the product. Testing is carried out at all levels - from module to integration. Optimization includes identifying and fixing bugs, as well as improving performance and efficiency.

    Frequently asked questions

    Examples of technical stack

    Our team works with an advanced technical stack that includes React and Angular for the frontend, Node.js and Django for the backend. We also use MongoDB and PostgreSQL databases to ensure efficient storage and processing of information. Docker is used for containerization, which makes it easy to deploy and manage the infrastructure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Customer question: “How long does it usually take to develop a project from start to finish?”

    Answer: The duration depends on the complexity and scope of the project. On average, from several months to six months.


    Client question: “How do you guarantee the quality of development?”

    Answer: We use systematic testing at different stages of development, from module to system. The customer is involved in the process to provide guidance and prioritize the development.