A revolutionar y solution in the world of biotechnology.
With our solution embr yologists will get a new stage of
possibilities to do quality work.

Our device offers a complete range of cell manipulation,
ensuring optimal storage conditions with our automated

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We can develop medtech devices with tech support of any complexity. Our team started with a vitrification device that helps the embryologist in his work and simplifies the process.

Advanced automat ion for fast vitrification
Automated biomaterial f reezing and thawing device – an efficient solution for rapid vitrification with the most complete capture, temperature control and embryo manipulation systems on the market

Implementing individual solutions

Automation removes the human factor and reduces the number of errors allowed

  • Complex for cleaning and renewal of liquids in cups.
  • Manipulator for handling straws and moving them into liquid nitrogen)
  • Manipulator for moving the sample with embryos
  • Micro carrier helps keep the embryos on the first arm, wash in different media

  • Quickly moving straws from nitrogen to 1 cup
  • Turning 1 cup, warming 1 cup fluid, temperature control
  • Immersion of a sample with embryos in each tray
  • Supply of liquids to refresh the cup capacity (static)
  • Automatic cleaning of the machine’s containers
  • Precise fluid supply for working with embryos
  • Moving the 5th line of calyxes to the embryologist

  • The embryologist dips the embryos into the 5th row of calyxes
    and puts the row in place.
  • The machine dips the embryos into the capillary.
  • The machine puts on the sample to fix the embryos.
  • Machine dips the specimen into 3 cups
  • The machine lifts the embryos up to the capillary.
  • The machine removes the sample.
  • Embryologist prepares straws, places them in the holder.
  • The gripper picks up the straws.
  • The machine applies the embryos to the straw.
  • The gripper quickly dips the embryos on the straw into liquid nitrogen

  • Embryologist dips straws with embryos in nitrogen
  • The gripper quickly takes the straws and dips them into 1 cup of 37-degree liquid
  • Row of cups begins to rotate, the embryos remain in the cup. The gripper retreats to the starting position
  • The machine sucks in the embryos
  • The machine inserts the specimen
  • Machine immerses embryos into 3 cups
  • The machine sucks the embryos into the capillary
  • The machine removes the sample
  • The machine releases the embryos into the 5th cup
  • The embryologist picks up the 5th cup row