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8Cell specializes in blockchain solutions and NFT development, providing high-tech services that enhance business processes by ensuring security, reliability, and efficiency through the implementation of innovative blockchain technologies, with a tailored approach based on clients' specific needs and a commitment to ongoing improvement.

Development of blockchain solutions and NFTs

We provide a full cycle of development of blockchain products and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), from concept to implementation.

Blockchain Development Services

Development of advanced solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain-based payment systems.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Development of secure and efficient platforms for cryptocurrency exchange and digital asset trading.

Public and private blockchain

Utilizing both public and private blockchains for various projects, providing the necessary level of access and security.

Blockchain Consulting

Consulting on the selection of optimal blockchain solutions and implementation.

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Provision of blockchain infrastructure as a service to ensure the convenience and speed of implementation.

Life Cycle

8Cell's blockchain solutions development life cycle encompasses client needs assessment, detailed analysis, tailored implementation, ongoing technical support for cryptocurrency exchanges, security assurance, continuous client engagement, and iterative improvements, showcasing a commitment to delivering reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions that positively impact businesses.


Initiation and Needs Assessment

Conduct thorough discussions with clients to understand specific needs and business goals in the context of blockchain solutions. Assess the feasibility and potential impact of implementing blockchain technology in the client's business processes.


Detailed Analysis and Custom Approach

Undertake a detailed analysis, considering technical infrastructure peculiarities and specific business requirements. Develop an individualized approach to the implementation of blockchain solutions, ensuring alignment with the client's unique goals and challenges.


Development and Technical Support for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Focus on creating reliable and efficient blockchain products tailored to clients' needs. Provide technical support for cryptocurrency exchanges of any scale, ensuring ongoing operational efficiency.


Security and Reliability Assurance

Implement robust security measures to ensure the integrity and immutability of records within distributed databases. Utilize specialized specialists to guarantee the security and reliability of developed blockchain products.


Client Engagement and Continuous Improvement

Initiate client interactions with discussions on specific needs and business goals. Engage in ongoing communication, gathering feedback, and iteratively enhancing the blockchain solutions for continuous improvement.


Positive Impact and Successful Projects

Showcase the positive impact of 8Cell's expertise through successful blockchain projects that have optimized clients' business processes. Demonstrate a high level of professionalism in delivering reliable, efficient, and innovative blockchain solutions.

Examples of the technical stack

How long does this whole process take from idea to finished product?

The duration depends on the complexity of the project and its scope. On average, it can take from a few months to six months from the discovery to the release of the finished product.

How do you ensure the quality of development?

Our team uses testing at different stages of development, from module to system. We also involve the customer in the process to note their requirements and deviations during development.

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